200m Swim Standard

200m Swim Standard

Please ensure your child can swim or is in swimming lessons.  Children from the U9 (Green), Intermediate Surf,  Board Academy or Oceans Athletes must pass their 200 metre swim test to be able to participate in the advanced water activities and in any competition with their age group.

Test requirements

  • Candidates must swim 200 meters (using any stroke) in the pool in under 7 minutes.
  • Candidates will be expected to tread water for one minute.
  • It is expected that candidates demonstrate they are confident in the ocean and are capable of returning to shore if they are separated from their equipment.

Test Times

The Junior Surf programme will run a 200m testing day early in the season at the mount college pool. Date: 02/11/19 from 10am!

  • A further option is for the athlete to have their test signed off by their certified swim coach with proof of this test being sent through to Omanu Sport Coordinator by email admin@omanubeach.co.nz or in person.  Test form is here

Please note

The Junior and Intermediate Surf programme is not designed to teach your child to swim. If your child’s swimming is not to a level where they would be safe in the water then parents need to get their child to that level via swim coaching and ensure they are not extending themselves beyond their capability.

At Omanu Beach SLSC have our own associated swim club which runs throughout the year at the Mount College Pool. You’ll find all the information you’ll need on our Omanu Swim Club page.

Other local options include Bartlett Swim School (Contact Scott on 0800 SWIM 123 or 575 2455) or the Mount Swim Club (Contact Greg Swanberg 021 626 026)