Patrol List

2017 and 2018 season

Above is the most recent version of the patrol list. Have a look, any queries or feedback email

Please note: Some of you may not be in the patrol that you would like, but we have tried to keep you with some of your friends. It is important that our patrols are even in numbers and experience levels. However, if it really is inconvenient for you to be in the patrol you have been assigned, please email .

If you are unable to make your rostered patrol date you need to first contact your Patrol Captain. You will also need to find a replacement or someone to swap with you. To find a replacement you can contact lifeguards individually, see the patrol list for contact details. Or, you can post on the Omanu Lifeguards Facebook Group page here. Then let your Patrol Captain know who your replacement is.

The patrol flags need to be on the beach by 10am. Therefore, you need to arrive at patrol by approximately 9:30am to help set everything up. Patrols finish at different times throughout the season. At the beginning and end of the season, patrols finish at 4pm. During the peak/busy season, patrols finish at 5pm. However, if the Patrol Captain decides that there are too many beach goers to pack up, the patrol may finish later than scheduled.

Your Patrol Captain will be able to sort out a new uniform (lifeguard shirt and shorts) for you when you are on patrol. If you would like extra pieces of uniform (rash shirt, hat, jacket), then you will need to purchase these through the office.

If you would like to be in a different patrol, please contact the Director of Lifeguarding email:

Lifeguard Refresher day: Sunday 19 November 2017

Every year, each lifeguard must refresh their lifeguard award. This is to make sure you still have what it takes to be a lifeguard. The refresher includes; a pool swim or run-swim-run, CPR, a theory test, and a tube rescue.  IRB drivers should also refresh their IRB award on this day.
We try to make our refresher day as fun as possible, with spot prizes and a BBQ lunch to finish. It is a great way to catch up with everyone after the winter, and also gives you the chance to mingle with people from other patrols.

If you are unable to make the refresher day, you can refresh on your patrol and your Patrol Captain can sign you off. All refreshers need to be completed by the 31st December.

SLSNZ requires completion of refreshers to insure that members are able to deal with situations that occur in Surf Lifesaving and use Surf Lifesaving equipment in a safe and appropriate way before they are in a ‘live’ patrol situation. A refreshed lifeguard is then protected under SLSNZ’s policies and insurances. Club funding from SLSNZ is also determined by the number of refreshed lifeguards.

If you completed you lifeguard award in the current season, then no you do not have to undertake the refresher.

If you completed your lifeguard award in the previous season, then yes you do need to undertake the refresher.

No, your lifeguard award refresher does not count as a first aid refresher. For more information on first aid courses click here