Rookie Lifeguards

The Rookie programme is designed to bridge the gap between Junior Surf and Lifeguarding. To be eligible to participate in the Rookie programme you need to be 13 year’s old on the 1st October 2016. We also have a limited rookie programme for those who turn 13 between October and December 2016.

By enrolling in the programme you will learn various skills including; First Aid, Surf & Swimming skills, Rescue techniques among others.

Rookie Lifeguards will be able to join a patrol and get ‘hands on’ experience in what it means to be a lifeguard. The Rookie Lifeguard Programme aims to promote “practical lifeguarding” and develop strong ties between senior and junior members, thereby building a stronger club.

For those who are more competitive, Rookies are able to compete in the Regional Rookie Competition towards the end of season , it is a lifeguard skills based competition (as opposed to surf sport) and heaps of fun.

To register for Rookies, email